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If there is something universally popular amongst people who like to keep their lives a little bit exciting, it is sports betting. Letís talk about the best sportsbook in Malaysia at Ezbet44. Regular promotions, big prizes, and a wide variety of options for sports betting in Malaysia!

Recent studies showed that the Asian Pacific region is responsible for over 47% (up to 70% depending on the statistics) of global sports betting meaning that wagering on sporting events is hugely popular in many countries in the SEA region. Our top online sportsbook services in Malaysia offer you an opportunity to bet on major and minor sports events and even eSports matches!

Many countries prefer to regulate how betting is done within their territories. However, most bettors avoid regulations by using online betting platforms. Since this form of gambling is so popular in Asia, Ezbet 44 focuses on delivering a diverse selection of options for both experienced and new bettors. Even if you donít know much about sports, there are other viable options like betting on entertainment events and political events.

Betting with Ezbet44

If you are looking for the best Malaysia online sportsbook betting site, Ezbet44 is your most perfect choice. We carefully select software providers that we work with to ensure that our guests enjoy state-of-the-art technology and outstanding service without downtime. Take a closer look at our offerings.

Introducing two outstanding betting operators featured by Ezbet 44 as trusted partners. Both providers are licensed and regulated according to both international and national legislation. These storied brands are chosen for reliability and versatility. We tested their features and made sure that these choices are the best in the market!


IBC is a globally operating betting system that ensures a smooth experience for all bettors. The variety of options presented to players is massive. Betting on hockey, football, and basketball matches are easy and exciting. You can also play number games and make bets on slightly more exotic options like motorsports, eSports, darts, and even play some virtual sports. If you like martial arts, wagering on boxing and MMA matches is a great way to entertain yourself!

The platform has a clean interface allowing for quick bets and satisfying user experience. You donít need low ping to make bets quickly thanks to robust backend architecture and stable servers. Make bets in real time and jump in the action whenever you want! Keep track of your active bets and follow matches on the go without watching live streams!

Key advantages:


WFT-Sports focuses on providing a wide variety of choices to their clients. The list of eligible games is quite long and includes traditionally huge sports like football, rugby, hockey, tennis, cricket, baseball, and others. More exotic options include eSports, handball, MotoGP, water polo, snooker, and even entertainment events. If you follow competitions like Eurovision, Britainís Got Talent, The Voice, and Singer, you will be pleased to find out that you can bet on these events and even check out odds provided by experts.

The interface is simple and intuitive meaning that you wonít find it difficult to navigate in the client and keep track of your bets. Slick visual design and informative screens will make it easier for you to follow ongoing events and keep track of bets that you made.

Key advantages:

Eabet44 Sportsbook, Malaysiaís number 1 service provider, invites you to an exciting journey through the world of sports, entertainment, politics, and eSports. The popularity of betting grows continuously with new betting options appearing regularly. Ezbet44 sportsbook betting in Malaysia is a great way to enjoy your favorite sports a little bit more.

Betting is a way to make games more exciting. Many people make wagers on their favorite teams to experience that adrenaline rush when they score and finish the game as winners! This enjoyment is what makes sports betting so popular among people of all demographics.

The best thing about these platforms is that they are mobile friendly and allow users to access their betting books via smartphones. According to the recent study done by Coherent Market Insights, only 50% of all bettors use their laptops and desktop PCs to access sports betting sites. The share of mobile users grows regularly.

Both IBC and WFT platforms are adapted for mobile phones and work flawlessly on most Android, iOS, and even Librem phones. Enjoy our services even when you are commuting to work or socializing with friends and family!

Why you should play at Ezbet 44

Being a spectator is exciting if you like your sport. However, even the most energized NBA match may feel boring when teams are unevenly matched or you donít find it interesting to watch the sport as much as before. There is a simple way to increase your engagement and excitement of watching any game! It is sports betting.

Wagering on your favorite team will make it that much more interesting for you to enjoy any game. You may start betting by making very small bets and slowly build up your bankroll to afford bigger wagers. The sense of progression enriches the experience and allows you to make versatile bets.

Another advantage of sports betting is that you are learning more about the sport. In order to make good bets, you have to be knowledgeable about many things. Consider what you will learn:

It is also important ìyourî sport. Ezbet44 offers you an opportunity to bet on over 40 types of sporting events meaning that you can become expert in a field that really suits your personality, acquired knowledge, and schedule! If you know more about rowing or fencing, you will have an upper hand during huge international events when top athletes compete against each at their peak forms. Increase your chances to win by betting on sports that you know well.

Win more with Ezbet44 Sportsbook right now!

Sports betting is one of the best forms of recreational activities. The size of the market is mind-boggling and attracts more and more people meaning that regulations become stricter and governments create more legislation to make betting safer and more enjoyable for everyone. If you are looking for the best Sportsbook, Malaysiaís Ezbet44 is your most perfect choice.

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There are several reasons why you should play on our platform:

Choosing our platform to bet on various events is a wise decision. We offer a diversified service with multiple choices for people who want to wager on Eurovision, Soccer World Cup, upcoming tennis matches, and anticipated UFC fights.